About Tri-Point.



I have worked in the security industry my whole adult life and gaining experience with several big, medium and small companies, it has given me a great opportunity to learn and see how companies do things the right way and the wrong way, and unfortunatly the wrong way seems to be consistant, so many different companies doing the same things wrong. Seeing this first hand I realised there could and should be a way to do things better, bring more honesty, integrity and care back to the industry while bringing professionalism in a new improved direction, somethings need to be done much better!


So June 2019 I set up Tri-Point Security Ltd, with a motto that just felt right "Security Done Differently" and we have seen strength after strength, from surviving covid, winning several awards and gaining a contract with nationwide companies like stagecoach. Having earned ourselves one of the best reputations in sheffield due to how we treat our clients, their customers and staff.